Seanol® Nubonax Premium

The Ulimate Stem-Cell Activator

The Ultimate Stem-Cell Activator
Awake your Natural Healing Power
Boost your Energy and Immune Power


Seanol®, extracted from brown algae, is the only globally authorized marine oligomeric polyphenols (MOPs). MOPs in Seanol® have shown extraordinary bioactivities that are needed for optimal stem-cell activation for spontaneous healing: Lowers cellular stress, enhances cellular energy flow, activates healthy cellular metabolism.

from toxins, virus and bacteria


from Cellular stress


of natural healing mechanism

Seanol® Nubonax Premium Set

World-proven safety: Authorized as dietary ingredients in the US (NDI 556), EU (NFI(EU) 2018/460), Japan, China and Korea.
Phloronol Inc, Since 2009.
Our mission is to discover and provide the most effective and safest way to keep one's best mental and physical conditions.
We specializes in formulating with MOPs, whose benefits for cellular well-being have been scientifically proven over the last 19 years.

About Us

Our mission is to develop non-toxic therapeutic agents for age-related intractable health conditions such as cognitive decline, muscle loss, metabolic disorders, weakened immune systems, based on the extraordinary medicinal power of marine phytochemicals that are capable of resetting the cellular functions to a young and healthy ones.

The Center for the Science of Marine Oligomeric Polyphenols


Healthier and Stronger Muscles and Bones
Mobility is a fundamental part of your quality life, which depends on the healthy and strength of your muscles and bones.
Healthy Water Distribution
Healthy distribution of water molecules throughout your body, including optimal cellular hydration is essential for your youthful life as well as your healthy prostate and urinaryfFunction.
Metabolic Health
Improved sugar, fat and cholesterol metabolisms are crucial for your healthful longevity.
Healthy and Powerful Brain Function
Healthy physiological function of brain is essential for your and your family's quality of life.
Powerful Immune Function
In this unprecedented viral pandemic, strong immune function is the most powerful weapon to keep your life safe.

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